Jun. 26th, 2017

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Pokemon: The Role Playing Game


Jake had me read the last few main pages yesterday, and while I'm not gonna say anything about the survival aspect overall or Pokemon tournaments taking place once a year*, it is interesting how that game implements both the tournaments from the anime and Adventures and Victory Road from each of the games. Even though tournaments in the anime tend to start with its variations of the different Elite Fours, would Ash be sent to Victory Road if the writers ever decide just to wrap things up and let him win already?

(*That one map from Tart Magica already sealed the deal, to cite no comparisons to The Oregon Trail (one in-game day for every few seconds, given the nature of that game's setting) and Breath of the Wild. Having set them to quarterly is just the least problematic for the story and my creative capabilities. For the sake of mirroring, it also helps that Platinum, the game that introduced the Gen IV Battle Frontier, is set specifically in the winter.)


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