Jan. 6th, 2017

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These past few days, I honestly felt at first like I was letting everything I re-read in Japanese in MangaLand sink in well enough that I'd recognize all the different constructions as I read along in Kanji in Context. It was yesterday that I realized I was already just stuffing everything into my mouth, stopping only between chapters or halfway through each.

Admittedly, part of this may have had to do with plans I made in order not to burn myself out. Kanji in Context is pretty long, and Juice Jam is already getting tiring, so I thought that when I finish up with JiM, I'd take some time off to aim for that last emblem in Sonic Adventure DX, and go back to do the end-of-chapter quizzes on the sidelines to see how much I've actually retained. Could that be part of the reason I found myself spending most of yesterday reading chapter after chapter and barely doing any chores that Mom had assigned me? I thought it was a pretty reasonable plan. I had already read half of JiM volume 3 the previous day, after finishing 2 just the day prior still, and assumed I'd read the whole second half yesterday.

I go back, and I've got chapter 31 just about down pat, but can barely remember anything I've read in 32. Not like those ten questions at the end of each chapter are even gonna be enough anyway, when you're not even using anything more than basic already covered in sync with the new skills introduced in each chapter.

What I had originally planned, after finishing up with JiM, was to revisit that old kanji quiz site, focus on only the kanji covered in each chapter, and then actually apply what I've learned while translating stuff from the respective chapter after acing all of them. That, in theory, would take care of my biggest obstacle, the need to constantly open up my kanji dictionary whenever I try to read anything, and once I master each combination, I'll probably continue seeing at least half of them throughout KiC, providing me with repetition by default, and be able to figure everything out based on everything else there is in each sentence. From there I could probably figure out based on context what someone is actually saying in a given work.

Yesterday, I decided just to start some quizzes already, and re-read JiM on the sidelines, only to find out that the quizzes don't load anymore. It even says when you try to load them, that the site's been moved to a different server since October and the data has not been loading properly. How odd is that, that the owner cares enough about it to move it to a new server only three months ago, but not enough to have already taken care of it since then?

Looked around for different sites. Found one before Mom and I hit the gym, called ReadTheKanji, but the only kind of practice you can get with that is by reading stuff that's already placed in sentences, which is what KiC already is, complemented only with audio clips, and they're presented rather randomly. Found another one in the evening, called WaniKani, but at that point, I figured I'd try that and other sites out in the morning.

(Mom told me that our library has this program called Rosetta Stone from which to learn. Given my experiences with everything that isn't Japanese in MangaLand, that quiz site, and Kanji in Context, I'm not that optimistic about it, but I am willing to see what it's like nonetheless.)


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