Jan. 7th, 2017

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Checked out WaniKani yesterday, and it's exactly the kind of program I'm looking for, possibly even better than that quiz site! The times it makes you wait between lessons and reviews seem like they could work in my favor; I already know that I'm not gonna master everything by the time Magia Record comes out, so a more efficient system like that, designed explicitly to let things sink in for a bit and let you switch gears, should be well worth the delays.

Alongside Japanese in MangaLand, something like that would've really made my life easier back in '08, when I sought to translate Makeruna! Makendou Z even before Jake proposed his own version of my Yoshi's Island fic , to say nothing of Getter Love!! starting a year later. Could've been able to focus better on my schoolwork between reviews, particularly during the spring of '09 when I instead had the PC-FX to play MMZ on and my transcript both as a constant distraction for more than half that semester.


Yincira has also recommended Memrise for the second time just last night. I do recall her suggesting it before, but had since forgotten about it. Checked it out just now, though, and I can't say I'm nearly as impressed with it. Like, only a fraction of that is dedicated to kanji, only the English meanings of each character is presented alongside each character itself, the order in which they're presented seems random (WaniKani provides some actual rhyme and reason to its own order of presentation), and I can't go on to cover more kanji until I've done everything presented to begin with, which seems redundant.

Frankly, I would rather dedicate whatever time I'm not studying towards other things. Cases in point, Mom already got on my case two nights ago for how little I had gotten done all day that she had assigned to me. I was also able to continue reading But What If We're Wrong just yesterday while filling in time before several of my reviews. Soon as I finish that, I'll probably aim for that last emblem then, and then start over w/ Japanese in MangaLand v. 2.

Next review opportunity is tomorrow, in any case. Should be able to make good use of today.


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