Jan. 8th, 2017

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Mom read yesterday's post shortly after I posted it, and asked me not to spend the whole day playing "that jelly game" (which I told her I was already tired of). I told her that the "Jam" in its title refers to the main character dancing to a repeating tune when you finish a level's main objective and still have moves left over. (There is actually another game called Cookie Jam by same publisher SGN, which itself now assumes the name Jam City.) She has also misheard the game to say "Dammit!" whenever it actually says "Jammin'!", and I cleared that up during the same exchange.


Still reading But What If We're Wrong?, and there's a part about Kafka, his obscurity as a writer during his own time (which he preferred), and how he became famous long after his (despite his will asking that his works not be published, though he knew the likelihood that they would be anyway). It was part of how the people most likely to be remembered by future generations often are not those prominent in their own, but what a coincidence it is that Mom happened to pick something out at the library that at one point involves someone Brian was telling me about not too long ago.


Tried to figure out in advance how to record game footage on my GoPhone. This involved me switching my rate plan from 25ยข/minute (since I use it only sparingly) to $2/day. Also made a list of games to choose from to test it out today, and I should also look into bypassing the regional lockout that I only found out about while browsing around.


Several days ago, I revisited TV Tropes: Complete Monster: Fanworks, and noticed that certain Sonic the Hedgehog entries I posted were gone.

To be fair, I myself had added them while that page was still free (while others were already locked), and the one for Ashura from A Rose and a Thorn 3 and 4 was rather poorly written to begin with. The other one, though, was Raker the Jackal from an untitled ficseries by JudasFM (first appears in its second part, Caves of the Ancients, chapter 3). Brought the issue itself up on the cleanup thread, someone told me I could propose for reinstatements, and I got around to Raker just yesterday. (Don't feel like rereading ARaaT the way through again just for Ashura.)

While I was at it, I also asked about how potential CMs in dead-and-since-deleted fics are handled, also specifying the fic in question pertaining to Lucky Star. (For all the bullshit involved in Cries Unheard, it would be interesting to see the combined efforts of certain others I'm familiar with on the same page or section with Raker and even Torbey from a certain Madoka fic.) For the record, I have read the rules before, but here's something that had since fallen out of mind while other things stuck:

What about fanworks, in particular creepypastas and darkfics, that seek to portray canonical characters as monsters?: We are exceedingly skeptical towards these. Partly it's because they are non-canon, and partly it's because contributors to this thread don't feel like subjecting themselves to those sorts of works in order to evaluate a candidate. We have established a few baseline rules for fics:

- There needs to be a believable reason why a canon character would suddenly turn monstrous.

- The setting must be conducive to having a Complete Monster. Care Bears is right out. One way of determining this is whether the official work has any approved candidates.

I've got two sides to this to analyze before I present any further arguments.

First of all, true, I get how incredibly out-of-place someone like the Scorpio Killer (someone else's example from before) would be in a show like Care Bears or Richard Scarry. I'll also admit that I've only ever seen one actual episode of Care Bears, but that show is listed in Vile Villain, Saccharine Show, and flows along the same vein with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (for which the potential for a CM was acknowledged, albeit indirectly) and the Toy Story series (which has one that's been validated redundantly).

(Obviously, the believability rule would rule something like MIYUKI ISO, which is not meant to make sense to begin with, even further out.)

On the other hand, here are what two others have actually said so far:

Lightysnake (just a few bits in general; he otherwise said no to LS fics):

It's more a taste thing. "reimagine this story as a dark fantasy" would be fine.
"Lucky Star darkfic where there's murderous Yakuza" I'm putting my foot down on with general principle. Any, and I mean
any attempts to propose darkfic better have a bit in the effortpost on "how is this story written" to justify it.

I mean is it a pointless, shitty darkfic or does it have some kind of class. Once again, the dark fantasy vs. stupid edgy nonsense we're so used to here.

Just an FYI...a lot of us don't like dealing with fanfic in general. Darkfic, after we had to deal with a torrent of My Little Pony fics in the past, doesn't tend to go over well.


[No] for the Lucky Star fanfic example on the grounds of being grimdark. It's kind of like when I had that issue with Cristina. What was bad about that was that it basically employed the same setting from the canon show, thus violating the grimdark rule. As a fan of [The Loud House], I felt disgusted by it, and this is coming from a guy who's reading a fan work about Lincoln dying of brain tumors (as well as doing his own take on the story).

Reading that, I can kinda understand how averse many would be to such a jarring change in tone within the same setting, even if it's written believably enough. It's different if a given work itself changes its own tone believably, such as The Powerpuff Girls w/ Dick Hardly or Mon Colle Knights w/ Reda. Those (otherwise goofy) shows had room for them; a non-conflict-oriented show like Lucky Star that only once spent a whole episode on one topic doesn't even have room for any villainy, and even though crime is brought up as a conversation topic every now and then, TV Tropes also has a rule against anything offscreen. It's kinda like my (former) aversion to anything overly cartoony appearing or happening in any fanfiction (particularly my own fic Starbound, despite its inspiration from Earthbound) despite being chill with what goes on canonically at Anime Tenchou.

If there's anything ironic, though, it's that I did successfully talk about Broken Dreams antagonist Koichi Shido a few years ago; he didn't show up, probably because I forgot to do a writeup for him, and obviously, that's a moot point now. Blood himself even suggested Yuka Miyakawa from I Was Kagami Hiiragi instead when I PM'ed him, but I wasn't reading that fic at the time. (I had also deleted the Second Demon Desideria from the YMMV page for Stars Above towards that fic's completion, based on her love for her brethren (a redeeming quality), and its author BHS thanked me for that due to being indecisive about it himself.)

In any case, I've pretty much got a good consensus on Raker, so when I do his writeup today (just a matter of copy-pasting in his case), I'll also take some time to invite others to read this and try my hand with Ulith from Selector Spread WIXOSS.


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