Jan. 10th, 2017

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Watched Selector Destructed WIXOSS online yesterday, and if I understand her very last scene correctly, Ulith might not qualify.

Kagari Hinata, on the other hand, might be worthwhile. Had a little discussion about her with Yincira last night, after she just read Puella Magi Suzune Magica, and even though I did bring her up before, that was from before it was even released here, and I didn't actually say much about her that time. (Yincira did suggest she might break down if Tsubaki were to visit her, but then again, it's possible that she'd hate her for having left her and Matsuri just as badly as she hates Suzune for "taking her from them" and Matsuri for befriending Suzune.)


Managed to record the prologue of Cutie Riot: Anime Girls Clash yesterday, and got through the entire tutorial section last night after hearing my phone go off several times while asleep. Now, I just gotta get an actual feel for the game, disable the phone's regional lockout, and figure out how to turn off email and game notifications. (Probably not gonna bother with special events whenever I'm not playing a given game.)


Been considering whether to move everything I do here to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr, after someone mentioned on the Lucky Star Shrine Forum that fora are falling out of favor to those. I do understand that blog sites like this and Blogspot are not nearly as popular anymore as they used to be, and I do enjoy whatever attention I get from others (mostly from Marie, Jake, and Yincira). Yincira had also told me before that she has a much greater following on Tumblr than here, which would be the obvious reason why she now critiques fiction over there instead of on this site (which she now uses to address personal real-life issues).

However, when I think about it, the answer is pretty much no.

For one thing, the way those three sites are formatted are not conducive to what I do here. Only Tumblr has a cut feature, one that ensures that the whole rest of a given entry is cut when you apply it, and none of them have any sort of calendar-type feature. Facebook does have a Timeline feature, but other than that, I'd have to keep scrolling further and further back just to find stuff to re-read. Twitter is basically the public equivalent to AIM, allowing only so many characters in each post. Tumblr's comment feature is also less than ideal, listing comments together with likes and reblogs.

Furthermore, just about everything I've seen others post on Facebook are kept brief, and always include videos or images of some kind. I gotta say, I didn't exactly feel good after posting that great long essay about the relationship between aides and autistic children there.

Jake had also told me before, upon inviting him to play Gardens of Time, that he avoids Facebook like the plague. Yincira is not likely to go there either, at least for stalker-related reasons.

Finally, online attention ever since I started using this site was only a perk. The main purpose is to keep a record of my life to look back on. My then-friend Adalia Glenys recommended it to me, during a time when I wasn't keeping anything like that (I used to work on Microsoft Word, which was probably for the better back then for reasons including procrastination, and I stopped a few months earlier after losing most of what I had written on the file I was recording to), and even if I still was, I didn't see any real reason to turn her down.

So, no, I think this site works just fine for the main purpose I use it for, and I would prefer to keep things nice and tidy instead of having anyone following me miss out on what I've written these past twelve years. If it shuts down, I definitely would look into backing everything up, but if I don't get that chance, it won't be the end of the world. (Probably should look into doing that at some point anyway, though.)


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