Jan. 13th, 2017

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Sorry, but I'm still not convinced Kagari counts. Even if Kagari didn't care about who Tsubaki was as a person and Tsubaki wouldn't have wanted Kagari to do what she did, Kagari still missed her. She was still dealing with the grief of losing a crucial part of her life in her own warped way. It might not be redeeming, but it's mitigating. If anything, I'm getting the sense that Kagari is more like a Tai Lung type of villain - throws away her semi-redeeming factor in the end, but still doesn't cut it as a Complete Monster due to either having a damn good Freudian Excuse or not going all out in being as heinous as she could have been. So, Kagari's still getting a nay from me.


If Bonds was eligible for discussion, I would vote Izumi down for similar reasons.

It is true that she threw out her one redeeming quality by shooting Hiyori (for dismissing her warning to leave the school building and warning a particular target of hers). However, she, too, seems to have an extremely solid Freudian excuse for what she does in that fic. I mean, she has every reason to believe that the whole world was out to get her ever since her brother was institutionalized for drug abuse. From her emotionally abusive parents who cared only about their own benefits to reap by having her inherit their company against her will instead of letting her pursue her own interests and have a damn life, to everything the Hunt Club put her through at Ryouou High ever since her otaku hobbies were discovered, complete with the nigh lack of help or emotional support she ever got from anyone. Konata explicitly states that she was the Hunt Club's favorite target out of everyone on its shitlist, so don't bother arguing that others got bullied too when she got the worst of it and to such a point that all she could do was survive. Obviously, leaving the school either wasn't an option for her or wouldn't have made any difference, and she was not content to just dying alone and letting her enemies get off scot-free, of which there were probably too many to tell everyone else apart from. Anyone in her position would feel endless despair and anger and paranoia, as if there is no point continuing life "normally" because it just never gets better, so the hell with following the rules of society.

Yuka Miyakawa of I Was Kagami Hiiragi would also seem arguable. Her sister, Dr. Nagisa Kishimoto, states that she seeks power over others because of what their uncle did to her, the abuse they and their mother endured from their father when he was imprisoned for life, and the lack of emotional support she received until she left home. With their uncle not available to get back anymore, some people in her position naturally would lose faith in the world and feel the need to dominate others for a "second chance" of sorts.


Speaking of Blood, I've just sent him another PM, asking about certain circumstances that would have unfolded in Cries Unheard, such dreck as it may have been, and asked if I should chalk his lack of a response to half of what I've sent him before to his real-life circumstances or me being a pest again. Assuming he doesn't get back to me, I suppose I should end my last-planned message to him by suggesting he be open about it if he'd like me to back off about those already, even though there were other things I brought up with him as well.


So far, I have had a good muse back for Parasitic Trio for a while, but other things took priority for most of that time. Yesterday, though, seemed like a better time than any just to pick up from where I left off with May, thanks to the downtime Wanikani has bought me so far. Just finishing her third chapter should satiate me for when Magia Record comes out, and doing so would be an even better time than right now to replay the tutorial of the re-installed Cutie Riot so that I know what kind of gameplay to expect in MR.

I do hope that Jake will be able to continue with what I've sent him, despite his home situation. For chapter 2, he had already expanded the role of someone who just battles you in the games, and I had continued my draft of this chapter according to the events of his draft for that one (as opposed to my own, since I'm not gonna ignore what he writes), even though he didn't originally tag along with May in mine. As this one comes to a close, he will be the one to lead May to the Trainer's School in Rustboro City, where she will meet Scott for the second time and local Gym Leader Roxanne. Had I still pressed forward with this much earlier on and without his draft for chapter 2, this chapter would have taken a very different turn overall and could have been rather awkward to adjust had that need arisen.


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