Jan. 23rd, 2017

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Mom and I made a couple of personal pizzas for lunch yesterday, after she had shared this recipe with me on Facebook:



Was planning to start another chapter today, but in an ironic turn of events, after finding myself burning out with Pokemon yesterday afternoon, I decided for the first time in over a year to read some Lucky Star fanfiction. Read a few (currently) brief fics the way through, but it's still not cutting it.

Having just realized this, I think Starbound might have something to do with it. Four years ago, I had just uploaded that story's second chapter before going on a reading spree; so far, it's been over two years since I even did much with it.

I still like talking about the different characters and events of Lucky Star. I enjoyed everything that came up each time Yincira and I discussed the pic I had her working on. I look forward to watching the series itself all the way through with Brian, whenever that happens. But right now, what I would like first are more ideas with what to do with Starbound. I want to see how each of my OCs' debuts, and all their interactions within the party from then on, will actually play out.

For what little I was able to get out of anyone else ever since Yincira closed shop, I still have reason enough to expect something meaningful out of Brian, especially since Yincira isn't even the right one to discuss the overall plot of something to resemble Earthbound's to begin with. I had no idea that Brian himself had the talent for storybuilding in him when I asked him how we'd seek out others for that purpose.

Back to Pokemon, though, it does help that Jake's situation is better now for writing. It's still not ideal; along with still living with his family, he told me that his computer is still prone to fuck up after working properly enough for hours, leaving him unable to do anything for hours until it decides to work again. (Kinda like my old Game Gear, on which I did manage to beat two of my games, multiple times each, and also made it to the sub-final boss several times in one more, but required a steady hand not to fuck up at a moment's notice, during the latter half of our time with that.) I offered to help him invest in a new machine, but so far, he hasn't actually accepted or declined.

But anyway, after having also worked on some fic-related documents after finishing off chapter 3 of May's Quest, maybe it's time at this point just to switch gears and start playing Cutie Riot in depth like I've also been meaning to. As much as I'd like to get done this spring, and especially before Magia Record comes out, there's no point sawing away at something if I'm not likely to get any actual enjoyment out of it.
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I finally got that Archers of Loaf: Icky Mettle CD that I ordered on Ebay. I only listened to the first track, Web In Front, though. Actually, that's exactly what I've been looking for ever since Beavis and Butthead made fun of it.

http://dmxrated.livejournal.com/2005/07/19/ (Oddly enough, I don't seem to have mentioned beforehand buying it.)

That being so many years ago, I had only seen the episode in question once beforehand (though I would see it again later), and had to dig around on TV Tome (now TV.com) to find out what the song was. Having misremembered the song itself and the video, I had actually pictured the person singing to be splitting logs while facing the camera, his voice being low, soft, and "lumberjack-y", snow covering the ground, and the notes to part of the song sounding like "DoDo-MiRe, MiMi-FaMi, DoDo-MiRe-Mi-Do." (And yes, I did catch the similarity of such a part to part of Swing Swing, although it did take a while to realize another similarity with Material Girl.)

Just started watching the video randomly today, and right now, I've just had a conversation with Brian. Was only able to cover that mapping entry from the other day, which I linked him to, and it just kinda confused him. He just promised to go read it soon as he arrives back at his apartment, and I went on to tell him that it's only a few entries old, so as to encourage him to read what I've written since as well. (Doesn't really pertain to anything in particular, but this whole thing is just so funny to think about.)

Anyway, here's the video as it originally aired. (Only for those who can tolerate gross-out humor; the lyrics are fine, though, in case you just wanna hear the song somewhere.)



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