Jan. 28th, 2017

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Managed to speak to Jake through Skype while awaiting Adde. He told me that his computer is just unusable, limiting his Internet access to his Smartphone, and that he won't be able to write anything until mid-February. Despite yet another obstacle like this, at least now I know I won't be working on the same chapter as he is right now, and I should be able to start Jamie's next chapter on Monday.

Adde took half an hour past our appointed time to get back to me, but hooked me up with someone under the screenname Bohdan Haidai, who asked after some discussion for a compilation of references and told me just this morning that he'll give me a quote on Monday.

Meanwhile, these "daily" updates to Upwork have turned out to be the result of some sort of bug. Yesterday's initial update only listed everything from at least two hours beforehand (my own listing was one hour prior), seemed to fix itself when I spoke twice to one other person each, and then lost everything from another hour earlier. Filed a bug report, but only heard back one time half an hour later.

Brought the entire issue up again last night, and that's when I asked and was told that the archives are supposed to update with each individual posting. The person I was speaking with that time promised that the site's tech team will look into it.

In the meantime, though, I decided to delete both my listings and repost them just to ride this whole thing for possible exposure. There is a feature with which to contact others one might deem worthy for a job, but I'm not exactly keen on asking random people for something they may be uncomfortable with if I can help it.

In any case, here they both are again, if anyone's interested:

https://www.upwork.com/jobs/~01aa8f29ea2b97c617 (Spinoff fics)

https://www.upwork.com/jobs/~01e09d1f645f974a6e (GIFs, in case things don't pan out with Adde and Bohdan)


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