Feb. 1st, 2017

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Laptop crashed yesterday morning. Was using it these past few days to test and update a hyperlink-heavy file on Dropbox, after having promised David on LSSF a link to everything I have there.

Mom and I have agreed to wait until preparations to head over to Boston to see if it boots up again like it did months after this happened the first time, and then to bring it to Apple if it doesn't. Meanwhile, Mom does most things on her iPad that she can do on her own laptop, and thus offered me that to use for what I'm doing right now.


As we left Savers yesterday, Mom asked me (as usual) if I had spoken to anyone. Told her about an exchange I had with Brian on Facebook, and how he wound up agreeing to photoshop that pic. She asked me if I ever considered learning how to do that myself instead of relying on other people, but this is not the first time that I have told her (or mentioned here doing so) that it simply is not feasible. WaniKani works because it only lets me do a little bit at a time, but other than that, I've already got enough to do in life with just my planned fanfics alone.

I can understand how hard it is for her or Dad to wrap their heads around that, because their brains are wired well enough to let them multitask more efficiently than I could. When I get down to something, I try to focus on that and only that, to avoid stressing myself out, and downtime is for passive activities for the express purpose of letting me just unwind.

Even though it might seem to them that I spend most of the day barely doing anything, I've experienced even back in college (while writing a term paper) that I simply can't keep going after a certain point each day. The rest of the day is what I dedicate to planning the next part out, so that I don't feel like I'm only grinding away at it without getting any actual enjoyment out of it.

Right now, I've already mentioned early this entry, revising what I have on Dropbox for Lucky Star: Day of the Beehive. Even though I said I'd get started with Jamie's third chapter for Parasitic Trio on Monday, this had taken priority instead. On the sidelines, I've been playing Getter Love!!, first time first thing in the morning so that I don't have it on mind while I'm updating my files, and then subsequent times for when my laptop battery had to recharge (also noticed that draining much faster than my phone did when I played Cutie Riot the other few days), and also when I pass my prime for the day.

Upon coming home yesterday, though, I managed to open up my Parasitic Trio outline and incorporate one of several planned updates, regarding the presence of legendary Pokemon in the Hoenn Battle Frontier. While it did feel good to be doing something more productive than yet another round of Getter Love!!, that's all I was able to do before just wanting to mull it over between then and having some exchanges w/ Brian and Mrs. Silverman.


Kymyit has made it official that she would like her work left the way it is. Still gonna have Brian make a personal revision for me, but I will not post it online or share it with even her or anyone else. (Already promised ditto to Yincira regarding this Lucky Star pic whenever she is ready to do favors like that for anyone.)


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