Feb. 24th, 2017

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It's official. Brian will be coming over next week for the weekend to celebrate my birthday early. (Marie is not able to come at anytime therearound this year.)

Yesterday's round of Kiratto Kaiketsu is going to be my last for now, after freezing up on me just as I was about to wrap it up any turn then. Put away the Nintendo 64 itself, and asked Dad yesterday afternoon if he had anything I could do for some money, given how quickly I am about to deplete my checkings account right now (for stuff I've been craving for up to two years now; good thing I should also receive more money for my birthday). He told me he's already been meaning to pay me for stuff I've been doing around the house, but also tipped me off on leaves to rake and mow up here and there. Will be expecting to get paid today before Mom and I hit the bank tomorrow.

To switch gears after I continue with Sonic Adventure DX, this also seems like a better week than any to start reading Kafka. That should give me something to talk about with Brian when he and I go to either another Toast restaurant somewhere around here or to that bagel place opening up near Stop & Shop.

(Admittedly, to play some more games on SADX might seem anticlimactic by now. To begin with, I didn't really mean to play everything stored within, especially not that lame version of Sonic Spinball (which I even told him it was), and maybe it was for the better not to have unlocked the last two games, if mainly to keep focus on everything that could have been relevant before we scrapped our actual Game Gear. The whole thing was a prelude to giving him the Mega Collection Plus for Christmas, which we didn't get to play because I had Brian focused on the Cibus fic, because I didn't know how long I'd have to wait before he'd come home again (giving him the game itself should've been enough anyway). On the other hand, though, this would be a good thing to have off my mind before Magia Record comes out, and we can still agree to play a few of those games instead of watching Lucky Star if he decides he'd rather in case I mention it. The real point was to have a break from Parasitic Trio, which at this point, I actually am ready to continue but would still like to give Jake time to decide first if he'd still like in on it.)


Two new Cibus pics as of yesterday, both based on pre-existing images and which are going to be the icons for two upcoming stories. Here are:

-Mami and Nagisa

-Kyoko and Yuma


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