Mar. 1st, 2017

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Beat Sonic Advance 2 yesterday with Knuckles. Transported three of my Chao to Sonic Adventure 2: Battle via the Tiny Chao Garden, but the Chao Doctor failed to detect any health issues. Made me wonder if I wasted half my then-remaining time between ditching Kiratto Kaiketsu and having Brian over, but Mom later told me that Brian probably isn't even coming over after all (I agreed with her that it wouldn't be very practical for just one day, given how little I'd be able to accomplish with him when she and Dad also compete for his attention). This negates any reason right now to continue with Sonic Adventure DX; that was just gonna be for instead of Parasitic Trio right now, and it wouldn't be practical either to bring the GameCube with me when we go up to bring him some furniture for his new apartment a whole month from now.

With that, I'm pretty much free to beat Advance 2 with everyone else for these first few days of the month. Yard's also full of brush, so that'll give me something else to do when I'm not playing the game. (As for my Chao, I have already posted to the ROMhacking forum, but said post has already received 25 views without any actual replies whatsoever.)


Iroha and Madoka as Cibi, from a whole few days ago:

As far as girth goes, I honestly wonder if my perception is skewed. Read more... )


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