Mar. 12th, 2017

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Contacted Izumi Thorn, one of several Upwork members who previously offered to summarize the main-game cutscenes in the Madoka Magica mobile game, yesterday, to see if he'd be up for Starbound's Japanese translation in case no one else offers. Brought up what I had previously emailed everyone while discussion that first phase of the job, but he failed to understand where I was getting at. Should probably contact the others from before, to see if they're already familiar with Lucky Star or would understand my point better.

Also asked Marie if she'd be willing to fund this, and she offered to PayPal me $100 for my birthday to start with. I offered in turn to show her the fruits of her investment once I have something ready, and also to show her the exchanges between me, Jake, and Yincira that followed her one-way reply, since I've decided at this point to show everything to Brian once we watch Lucky Star first.

As far as other business goes, I've got Rongho working on a Tart Magica scene redraw, and someone else on a side-story about Kyoko and Yuma that I intend to post only upon completion (hence the first thing I hired Rongho for). After those, though, I will put things on hold with both of them in order to focus my budget on this translation project.


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