Mar. 17th, 2017

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Mom and I ate breakfast out at Royal Oak Diner for my birthday yesterday. Mom got an egg sandwich, while I got three chocolate chip pancakes and a side each of ham and corned beef hash. All enough even to cover for lunch.

Along with our visit as a family with Grandma Barbara there, she also mentioned having once been there with Nancy and some others from our school's Parent-Teacher Association.


Finally managed to chat with Mrs. Silverman on Skype, and quite by coincidence, she told me that it was also her 39th anniversary. (Also called Mrs. Bandows just to chat last night.)


Thought beforehand that I'd need a break from Sonic after all that work I did to clear that last Chao race. Right now, though, I'm actually feeling barely inclined to actually re-read Japanese in Mangaland, and more inclined to play some of those games I unlocked before we head up to Boston. Might also watch Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog on the sidelines, for the first time since 2nd grade (the year I got the Game Gear for my birthday), and maybe the SatAM cartoon just to even things out.

Given such a neat little set of twelve everything is in, I plan on giving all games an equal chance of being played at any given time, something I had already done with the Sonic Mega Collection Plus's main roster between Thanksgiving and our following trip to Virginia. Even Sonic Drift (which Brian thought none too highly of), Sonic Spinball (which isn't nearly as good as on the Genesis), and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (which also has a Genesis version that I already played on the SMC+).

For these next two weeks, that will be how I pass time while awaiting further chapters of Starbound's Japanese translation and Starcrossed Sisters.


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