Mar. 18th, 2017

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Received a particular birthday check from Grandma Barbara. Wrote her up a nice, lengthy letter, but Mom had a word with me when she eventually read it.

Basically, she doesn't want me coming off as planning to blow all that money on a delusion, which means that I should rewrite it. As far as the money's actual use goes, she had suggested that I put it into an IRA and letting it grow for a few years.

Right now, I just need to wait to see what I get from Uncle Robby before hitting the bank. (Grandma Ella, Grandpa Bob, and Aunt Allison have each sent me $20.) However, for that upcoming trip, I will likely put everything I have right now into my savings account instead of checking, to take out only for translation stuff once all plans for Japan are finalized.

Will also bring this whole issue up with Brian today, now that he's home from a business trip, especially since I've already been planning to bring up the issue of raising funds for the translation project itself.

In the meantime, I will probably have Gayner translate some light stuff after she finishes chapter 1 of Starbound. This is also all the more reason to run Kickstarter campaign for each subsequent chapter once I have that one up.


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