Mar. 28th, 2017

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Asked Rongho to start reading the different Madoka spinoff manga while we suspend business for up to a year. He told me that he had discovered many different Puellae Magi ever since we started, and asked for a list of everyone else to be drawn fat.

Right now, he is unable to buy any actual manga, but has expressed interest in it and would like to continue the series. I had made it clear during our discussion that I cannot afford to make any further purchases while I commission for translations and save up otherwise for that trip, so he and I agreed to arrange for others to donate copies of their manga to him or buy new copies online to be shipped to him when I post a certain entry onto my deviantArt blog. (I got his permission to share his address with anyone interested, so that they can have stuff sent directly to him instead of to me first.)

(Before I write said entry up, I am waiting mainly for the translation of Starbound, chapter 1, so as to tie this in with my planned Kickstarter campaign. I was originally going to request money, and allow anyone who donates to the Cibus series to decide who gets drawn up next, but this seems like an even better idea to start with.)


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