Apr. 3rd, 2017

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Yesterday was the long drive up to Boston. Ate lunch out at Mystic Diner; I thought it was okay, but Dad didn't think too highly of what he got.

All five of us went to Ikea after bringing stuff up into Brian's new apartment. At first, we all considered letting me just stay at the apartment instead of walking around being bored in the store, but I ultimately decided to come along. That turned out to be the better choice, instead of sitting around all cooped up upstairs with little to do on the Internet.

Brian, having missed lunch earlier on, got some stuff to eat at the food court, but was still able to have something substantial when we ate out at this diner called Doyle's, where Mom and I were too full to have anything beyond a small cup of chili each.

Drove to Marie's apartment after leaving Doyle's, and we each had a slice of a small marble cake that Marie got, before Brian led me back to his place. (Marie had also gotten a box of cupcakes, but we'll probably start having those today before Mom and Dad go back home.


Normally, I am against adding stuff retroactively to entries that are more than a day old. My previous one is an exception, though, because I don't want anyone misconstruing the "non-badass" list as anything that's either comical or cute. (Thinking outside of Konami but focusing on stuff I played in '97, The Legend of Zelda and Pilotwings come to mind.)

(To save you time you might otherwise spend skimming if you read it between add-ins, one of them is a simple (and actual) slot machine, one is just athletics, one of them is an RPG with rather whimsical aesthetics, and a few of the originals (or added very shortly after posting) include a certain shoujo-anime-tie-in, a game set on a desert island, and a dating sim.)

Mentioning, because I told Brian about the entry yesterday in the van, and I think he might be able to pinpoint better what it really is with this information on the table. And yes, I know this is a form of "box-thinking," but yeah, I hadn't played enough games to dichotomize in the first place back then, and if Brian's then-friend Craig had lent us such games as Legend of the Mystical Ninja (the Goemon game I had linked to) or Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose, I would have more than likely associated the company name very differently (save, maybe, for its "badass" red-and-gold logo emblem).


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