Apr. 6th, 2017

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Brian and I looked on Google Maps yesterday to figure out where to buy a coaxial cable. The first store pointed out was just a little ways off from Center Street, so I figured I'd remember where I was supposed to turn.

In practice, I wound up heading way past it, but far enough to reach CVS and buy a razor and some shaving cream (since there are no outlets in his bathroom for my electric razor). After a few phone calls with him and Mom, I backtracked and looked out for a post office from which he told me to turn, but ended up spotting Ace Hardware just near an intersection, and managed to get what I needed there.

Hooked the modem up after arriving back at the apartment and having a nap from all that walking. It was after Brian came back from work and asked which network I was on that I'd realize that we had Internet access this whole time; I opened up my laptop, and signed in to what I originally mistook for an ad to get me to subscribe to wi-fi, using some credentials that he had given me the other day.

He looked at the modem and called tech support anyway, upon realizing that it still wasn't working even hooked up as it was.


Continued that conversation I had the day prior with Jake. He told me that he won't be home from a family trip he's on until the 18th, but in the meantime, while he's going to lose Internet access to circumstances a week from now, he will be able then to compile some ideas he came up with for a Makeruna! Makendou story premise I proposed the other day.

In the meantime, we are also discussing some ideas for Parasitic Trio, regarding the relationship between Ellen and May. Read more... )


Brian had Colleen over, who had high hopes of having some spaghetti and meatballs with us. While I had made some meatballs at home that I brought up here with me, I was too tired to prepare anything for dinner, and even made that clear to Brian before she came.

After some deliberation, we decided instead to eat out at Dogwood, where we each got our own thing for dinner. Given how much faster I tend to eat than others (I've even known Dad to tell me to slow down while eating dinner), Brian suggested that I could have ordered dessert while he and Colleen were still eating what they ordered to begin with, and even left me a dessert menu while I went to the restroom at one point.

Decided on an Oreo brownie, which consisted of cookies 'n' cream, a warm brownie, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, with two dollops of whipped cream on the sides. The three of us shared it, but then I went back to the apartment while they offered to foot the bill, so that I could brush my teeth and go to bed on the couch before they'd have a chance to take that to watch TV.


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