Apr. 10th, 2017

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Phil Culmer: Thank you @Lindt_Chocolate for chhosing not to support eugenics.

Alanna Rose Whitney: They didn't. They're sending out form letters saying they're proud of all the "awareness" they raised with links to more info on A$. Cop out

Tracey Rolandell: This is interesting. Sounds like they are aware of the backlash, but covering bases. Very political.

Alanna Rose Whitney: Yep, saves their own ass from criticism while proving they DGAF about us #BoycottLindt

Equestrian Idiot: Sure, WE know that Autism Speaks is a horrible, horrible organization.
The rest of the world won't see it that way.

Jonathan Mitchell: I agree @autismspeaks does not deserve support but the NDs should love them after AS completely sold out to them.


Notice how, at the beginning of the exchange in question, Lindt only said it will be "going in a different direction" with its Easter program than funding Autism Speaks.

To date, I've only kept track of who is on AS's partnership page, not of any company's actual remaining stance on autism once it stops funding AS. However, if that whole exchange is anything to go by, Lindt is only gonna continue to validate eugenics and other atrocities against the autistic community, and I will encourage people to boycott it forever!


Colleen came to sleep over two nights ago. I went with her and Brian to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum yesterday, and while that whole place did remind me of the Cloister's Museum we had been to three years ago, the only thing that actually caught my interest was some cat merchandise in the gift shop.


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