Apr. 19th, 2017

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Went for a long walk down the street yesterday afternoon. Had a nap upon coming back, and even when I woke up, it was already too late in the day for me to so much as look into proofreading my translated Starbound chapter after already having finished revising the outline in the morning, especially with the task of making dinner assigned to me already on mind. Called Brian several times; he answered the first two times, saying the first time that he'd be home an hour from then, and then in a bit after the second, but I couldn't reach him after that. Couldn't get any conversation in with Marie or Jake.

Eventually looked into continuing business with Rongho. Asked for a fat version of this swimsuit pic of the Puella Magi main five, and he offered to do the whole thing for $80. Called Mom up to ask if she'd be willing enough to chip in, she suggested a few places I could bring Brian and Marie, and Brian came back while I was still chatting with her.


Brian and I watched the last two episodes of Lucky Star last night. Only the OVA remains now, but he said that tomorrow night would be better than tonight to watch it. (I will be sure to pull Starbound up on his phone for when he goes to work, though.)

We were both still on the couch when I had a random look at the aforementioned Madoka pic. I showed it to him, since he was right there, and he initially mistook them for Yutaka and her friends from Lucky Star. I told him that someone actually posted a pic of them (along with Izumi from the manga) cosplaying as the Puellae Magi on the Lucky Star Shrine Forum, and then what it was I had commissioned Rongho for (after having already mentioned continuing business at dinner). Went on to show him other fat-pics he and Noxmoony had done for me, and we wound up looking through what I had up on deviantArt in general, along with stuff I had Favorited.

Brian went out to The Haven to drink with his friends after a while. I stayed behind and showered off before going to sleep.


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