Apr. 29th, 2017

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Mom, Marie, and Brian all spoke to me at different points about what Rongho had asked me for, and I am not giving him any more money.

Following that, he has asked me to help him land positions that he won't be able to on his own with subpar English skills, in exchange for shares of what he earns. Will look into that when I'm home, once I settle down and take care of certain other things on my mind.


Marie offered first thing yesterday morning to come over and make waffles. Brian had Janine over from the previous night, and I eventually wound up paying Marie a visit instead after Janine left, before the two of us came back to Brian's place.

The two of us accompanied Brian on his way to work, and then continued riding the train to Harvard Station. Found Harvard University early on while looking for the Harvard Museum of Natural History, but then lost our way around before eventually finding the Harvard Semitic Museum and paying a visit there instead.


I think I might've found an even better translator than Gayner just yesterday. At Mom's advice, I had contacted everyone who offered to translate Starbound to proofread what she had written, and eventually gave someone named Minori Kametani the draft I received from Tomo. For $10, she offered to proofread for grammatical corrections, but she told me when she first contacted me that she is actually familiar with Lucky Star, and while she only got up through Miyuki's visit to the twins' house, she made such corrections as Minoru's second-person pronoun of choice, the correct kanji for people's surnames, and lines that match the characters' Japanese speech patterns better. It says something when what she showed me thus far cues me to change one of Fuyuki's lines, "Shouldn't you be in class?", to "Is everything alright?"


Planned on eating dinner with Brian and Marie at Tikka Masala last night. As of seven, though, I wound up going to Marie's place after failing to reach Brian by phone, and we wound up going along with her roommates to this place called Costello's Tavern, followed by J.P. Lick's. I ordered a Buffalo chicken wrap, but had to wait forever even after everyone else got their orders in quick succession. The waitress took it off our bill for such subpar service as that.

Brian still wasn't back at the apartment when I came back, still has yet to come back, and I was never able to reach him by phone. I went over to Marie's place to bring it up with her, and just as I assumed, she suggested that he might've wound up spending the night at a friend's place. (Writing this entry from there while everyone else is still asleep.)


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