Apr. 30th, 2017

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Brian never came back until 4:30 PM, and never answered any calls I made to him. Marie only heard back from him one time, on Gchat at 1:30, reading that he'd be back at 3.

During this time, Marie and I walked around the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University at 1:30, to look at all the different bonsai trees, but it was too hot to actually enjoy anything. It was only half an hour before we went back to the city.

Brian explained to me after coming home and having a shower, that he makes a point of keeping his phone off after work, so as not to deal with any kind of disruption while going about his business, especially since he uses it all shift long for correspondence, and it slipped his mind to tell us what he'd be doing after work two days ago because he usually has no reason to.

He then went on to read the rest of Starbound, and now he and I are free to talk about it while we commute to Amtrak.


Marie brought her friend Jerry with her to the apartment, and the four of us ate out for one last time at The Dogwood.


Minori has offered to translate the rest of Starbound for $20 per chapter. Normally, she would charge $.02 per word, except that this is not business related, and this pretty much frees me up from Kickstarter. Now I'll just need to check my bank account when I'm home, and I should be ready to continue regular business with Rongho beyond something I requested in return for the money I gave him the other night.


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