May. 9th, 2017

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Mom told me that Brian will be coming over tomorrow evening, but will only be home at night until Saturday. This might be a good time to watch Miyakawa-ke no Kuufuku, but in the meantime, I did ask him to bring home those guides for Mother 1 and 3.

(Still can't pay him another visit, because I barely have anything left after everything I had already spent, and we also have an eye appointment next week. Mom also told me that he's gonna be busier than usual to make up for missed hours to the conference he needs to attend by coming here.)


Went down to Bellport with Mom to pick up seaweed for her garden, and there was a lot of it still bright green and soaking wet. Filled two garbage bags of it, and then she dropped me off just briefly at the local library while she mail something out. I hopped over to Cirillo's Market and bought a Numbers front-pair play of 14, but didn't actually get anything at the library. (Winning digits for Numbers this morning are 159; just one off.)


David somehow knows that Mitsuki, author of this anime called Hinako Note, is friends with Yoshimizu. I should make a point of watching that in case I happen to run into him while I'm in Japan.


Spoke to Mrs. Silverman, and she actually read my 4th grade memoir and had stuff to comment about. We also spoke to eachother about our respective trips out of state (she and her husband had just spent some time in Florida).


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