May. 13th, 2017

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To begin with, I planned on not eating out this month, having already done that a lot in Boston and needing to recuperate my money as a result. I've already helped Mom cook dinner a few times so that I know how to make more than just burgers and pasta when I go up there again and don't have to dine out all the time.

Yesterday, though, Mom and I had a few errands to run, and she gave me $4 to spend on something at Costco. First place we actually went, though, was to Bob's for a new pair of sneakers, and since Costco doesn't interest me anymore, I decided instead to eat out at Bagel Lovers there. Got myself a Marilyn Monroe, a black-and-white cookie, and a bottled frapuccino for $13 in debit before we actually went to Costco.

Didn't go to the bank, even though we were headed in that general direction, because Brian promised to pay me back for some stuff I ordered on Amazon, and I'm not sure whether he'll give me cash or write me a check when he comes over. Mom suggested I talk him out of it altogether, but of course, this isn't the first time she had urged me to decline a payment. I'm more inclined to accept it, because Brian already promised me that money, has a regular income, and even though he did pay for stuff, I kinda did too by buying groceries with my own money more than a few times. (Not gonna ask Mom to foot the rest of my lunch total, because she already gave me what she expected I'd need.)


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