May. 14th, 2017

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Recently had Rongho photoshop an image of the main villains of Puella Magi Tart Magica in exchange for what I supplemented him a few weeks ago. Asked more than a few times that Lapin be fattened up further, at one point specified as wide as Corbeau, but he got confused because Lapin is the shortest of the three and cannot be as fat as Corbeau or Minou. I suggested he think of the difference between Bart and Homer Simpson to get an idea (same body shape at different sizes), but this only confused him, and I wasn't able to get a much better wording suggestion from Brian or Marie.

At this point, we've decided just to come back to them after I have him work on them individually (based on their in-manga profiles). That might be a while, though, as I like to randomize my orders.


The circumstances aligned yesterday at 3, for me to continue playing Yoshi's Island earlier than I expected to. (I was originally planning for tomorrow, when Mom finally goes back to work after spending a week at home.)

As it turns out, though, ActivePresenter is a bit more awkward to use and didn't record the game as smoothly as ShareX. More on this soon, though.

Checked out those playthroughs I linked to the other day, and found them rather excessively long, which includes the player talking to every single person in the game or just pissing around part of the time. With a whole week ahead of me before Marie comes home, I decided just to record my own playthrough of Earthbound and see how little time I can squeeze everything into.

Recorded half an hour containing all the opening stuff and everything after dropping Pokey and Picky off and checking out the Mani Mani statue beneath Lier's house last night. After that, I decided that was enough for the night, and looked into finding some better software. Tried out one other program, but it didn't record any more smoothly, and I went back to ShareX.

As it turns out this morning, though, even that doesn't record so smoothly anymore. The game felt choppy even as I was actually playing it, unlike with those other programs. I even compared my previous recordings of Yoshi's Island, and it worked so much better then. Though, I wonder if it has to do with recording just SNES9X instead of the entire screen.

(Not such a big deal for this game, but my whole point of playing Yoshi's Island in the first place is to showcase the different graphical effects that could only have been pulled off with the Super FX chip. That, combined with Knuckles Chaotix for the Sega 32X, will be used for discussion with Brian when we talk about graphical effects for Lucky Star: Day of the Beehive. Just pulling it up on YouTube doesn't show the full effect of, say, busting an item box in in Chaotix, where its screen spins vertically and then dissolves into pixels.)

(Might look into better software still whenever I decide to stop playing for a given night, or when it's time to come back to Yoshi's Island. Not gonna pay for anything until after my next Boston trip, and only when I find something I'm satisfied with.)


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