May. 28th, 2017

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Finally went to the bank yesterday, and wound up with a total of $320.07 consisting of cash, change, and what I already had in checking. That should cover me for my time back in Boston.

Brian told me that he's already got plans for the 4th of July. Whether Marie will come down to Virginia to meet us depends on whether she lands a job at any point beforehand.

In any case, she is renting a car to come meet us for Stephen's wedding, so I'll be able just to hitch a ride back up with her. Brian, however, has suggested I just go home by train again after a few weeks.


Also managed to buy a new Earthbound guide on this site called Etsy, for just $34. Mainly gonna be conversation material with Yoshimizu, after I bring Starbound up with him first (itself just for conversation as long as I'm meeting him), since I can just take that out of my backpack regardless of where we are, and I'm glad I was able to find it for a decent price. I did promise myself not to buy anything until after I come back home again, but in this case, this would be better than having it disappear on me before I come back and then having to pay $150 for the same thing on eBay or Amazon.

On that note, I am also planning to record a playthrough of Mother 2 later this year. Recently toyed with buying a copy of the game, modding my Super NES to play import games, and eventually bringing the game and system to share with him and David, but that would limit me to three save files. By recording a ROM playthrough, I'll be able to provide a selection of different parts of the game for them to choose from on YouTube.

Brian did suggest on Facebook that I spend the amount of time that would take instead on writing more of Starbound, going as far as to suggest I reach three to six mana locations in order to be taken seriously and get him in on things. I told him, though, that all I'm really trying to do, is to gain legal permission from Yoshimizu and anyone else necessary to create a fangame taking place directly after the Lucky Star anime; this issue with stuff to share with him is just to have stuff to talk about as long as I'm getting an opportunity to meet him. He suggested I just chat with him when David goes to meet him, but while that might make communication easier between us, I have heard of companies ignoring requests for permission to create fangames, and I might have a better chance of getting things in writing by meeting with people in person where they can't ignore me as easily.

Also planning a new playthrough of Mother 1 sometime this year, just to create a walkthrough to enclose with the game itself so that Brian won't have to look one up online while playing on what's currently my Game Boy Advance.

(Admittedly, I would like to play all three games over again, just to make use of more that they had to offer than just what was necessary to get through each game. That, however, should probably be a commemorative thing for if Lucky Star: Day of the Beehive comes so far along that completion becomes inevitable.)


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