Jun. 4th, 2017

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Feeling sick since at least two nights ago. Probably a result of pollen season.

Felt refreshed after taking a shower at one point. Marie then invited me to take a ride with her and Grandpa Bob while they run some errands, but the roof of the car she rented is so low that I couldn't sit upright in the backseat. Stayed at the house, and noticed Brian sitting outside. Chatted with him for a bit, and we decided together that it might be best to postpone my visit for a couple of weeks, when he might be less busy than usual.

(Still gonna keep my online business to a minimum. Right now, deviantArt member JessicaElwood got back to me the other day about something I commissioned her for three years ago, explained that she had been too busy since then to stay active online, and offered to draw it up either this month or for free. That and further chapters of Starcrossed Sisters will be the only things I pay for for right now.)


The wedding took an hour or so to reach. All our usual folks were there, and so was Uncle Dennis, Sr., whom we had also seen at Steven's high school graduation nine years ago.

Nothing particularly interesting happened during the event. My family let me go somewhere to pace around whenever we were just standing around. Couldn't really think about anything in particular for either Starbound or Unwilling Service, though. Only thing really on my mind right now is my plans to revise the latter story's outline when we're back home.

(I guess I'm just so tired of thinking about all the same characters that I'd rather just write my own (new) Cibus story, particularly about the casts of Suzune or Tart Magica. The Cibus Project itself, being what we were discussing before she closed shop, is already the first thing I intend to discuss with Yincira whenever she decides to offer fanfic help again, and I would especially like tips on how to sort Kagari out, which is why I didn't ask for anything Suzune-related on Upwork.)


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