Jun. 9th, 2017

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So far, it's only gonna be another week before I go up to see Brian again to discuss what should happen in Starbound after the upcoming battle, although he has yet to actually finalize a date or reply to that email, and Jake told me when I asked him yesterday, that he'll be able to start ghostwriting tomorrow. Removing the Cibus project from my agenda for the time being, I'm still more inclined towards Unwilling Service, but if things are finally lining up for Jake to actually do something with what I sent him, then maybe it would be better to wait until he shows me what and how much he actually manages to write, so that I can coordinate what I write next with that.

That leaves me back with just Starbound again, but at least having cleared my agenda of anything US-related for now helps. Still wanting to spend time with other characters, though, I think I might start playing Getter Love!! today, use the periods between playthroughs to figure out how to go on about the current chapter, and then actually work on the chapter when I'm up at Brian's but alone at the apartment.

This, however, would undermine an email exchange I've just had with Yincira following what I forwarded to her.

What happened, is that she replied by asking what kind of advice I want from her, and then asked if there's anything creative I can do that isn't writing. Rather impulsively, and assuming I'd assume the same strategy from before, I answered with coming back to drawing. From there, I attempted a Cibus version of Kagari, but then she got back to me and suggested I draw lots of crude, incomplete stuff and trace over pre-existing stuff before I actually master anything, instead of just setting myself to one thing at a time and aiming to perfect that. Needless to say, that only left me with effort shock.

Skipping through the rest of the exchange, I then asked Jake what that class he took years ago involved, to which he specified just copying stuff from a book. This sounded similar to my first few years of following instructions and copying stuff multiple times from How to Draw Manga, which I got when I was 16. Even though I didn't devote my life around it, I actually would spend days at a time trying to learn from it whenever I did get down to it, but even then, it never actually engaged me.

Mind you, I know that learning any skill at all is never all fun and games, but if you can't even appreciate the process of learning or the technique that goes into it, then it actually is pointless. This is why I commission people for stuff I want, better than I could ever hope to pull off even if I did commit myself.

If anything, I suppose I might take a class next fall. I decided not to take anything this past spring because I wanted to focus on Unwilling Service, but that was all assuming that Jake would actually get shit done on his end once he got his computer fixed, and I ended up writing only one further chapter so far.


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