Jun. 22nd, 2017

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Asked Jake yesterday to send me his draft of May's chapter either if he's already finished it or whenever he does. Turns out, though, that he hasn't even been able to write anything, Unwilling Service or otherwise.

He did say, though, that he'd be able to read and flesh out the story outline, something I've withheld from him so as not to distract him from writing (and had just applied another update to before bringing it up).

With all that, I'm just gonna start May's fourth chapter today, just so I don't feel like I'm wasting more time than necessary. Will send Jake what I've got before we leave, and will ask him again if he's up to it when I'm back home.


Went with Mom and Grandma to Walmart and the library in the afternoon. Placed an order at the library for Puella Magi Suzune Magica, and while the person I spoke to couldn't find that at any other libraries, she did pull Amazon up for it and said it should arrive within two weeks. (Judging from my own experience with both Amazon and eBay, it should hopefully come even sooner.)

Upon returning home, I asked Marie how much air fare costs, thinking to just come back home with Mom and Dad first if its still not in by the time we head down. She actually told me that she might come back home with us, so that we can take the train and ferry together to Boston, so that would be even better in such a case. This also frees me up to read the rest of my unread manga going to Virginia and back, and then I'll have Suzune to read myself heading up before having Brian read that at the time(s) of day I originally had on mind.

Can't say I'm surprised that I had completely forgotten about the library when I called Barnes & Noble, though. Not like we go there very often, and usually, whenever I want something, it's usually something that I'd like to keep. Been a few years since I've placed orders for specific titles just to consume once (as opposed to Smithhaven's FYE store just for whatever's there).


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