Jun. 23rd, 2017

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Mom, Dad, and Grandma left yesterday for Cousin Adam's high school graduation, and came back after I had already gone to bed.

Pulled up May's main file yesterday, and realized that I had only updated it on my flash drive. Ditto with Ellen's, but Jamie's has been updated on the computer, so I would have continued with him instead. However, coming up is his first meeting with one of the Pokemon Idols, and I would like Jake's help fleshing some details out for that.

He didn't have access to a computer or phone charger when I first brought it up, but even though he did later on, he still has yet to actually think of anything. I, meanwhile, read a chapter out of this book called You Are Not Special and Other Encouragements, updated Starcrossed Sisters for the first time in weeks, and watched the last few episodes of Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat, just to fill the time. Also texted Brian before going to bed to email me the two files, but he still has yet to, and there are probably other files that I only updated on my flash drive anyway, so I'll probably look through those and list them this morning.

Honestly, I don't fucking believe this. The way things are still panning out, it's possible that I might as well spend some time with Kiratto Kaiketsu, after having just put Getter Love!! down several days ago. Seeing another whole week or so of nothing going anywhere, I've told Jake last night that I will ask right before we leave for Virginia if he's ready to continue some actual ghostwriting.

When is Jake gonna get down to business, and when will Yincira be open for business again, after all the letdowns I got from everyone else I've sought out for the Cibus project? I'm glad Brian had already talked me out altogether of trying to reboot the original Cibus fic, which is exactly why I'm now focused on adapting Suzune. I'm also glad I've got Starcrossed Sisters going for me, but as far as my own work goes, I'm tired of having only Lucky Star to work with. I write so much better when I've got others to help me flesh ideas out, but Brian is my last hope with the Cibus project until Yincira accepts new fanfic discussion once and for all, and Unwilling Service also feels dead with Jake constantly failing to uphold his end of the bargain and leaving me with such boring writing as I'm capable of on my own.

Why can't anything just unfold the way I want it to?


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