Jun. 25th, 2017

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Had a nice busy day running errands yesterday. Went to the Tanger Outlets with Mom and Grandma, and had lunch out while they did some shopping.

At some point, Mom tried to call me, but I didn't hear anything. She asked me if I had my phone on me when she and Grandma eventually met me in front of the food court, we had a look around, and she also tried calling Dad several times at my suggestion, to see if maybe I left it at home.

Eventually, we stopped by at the service office before leaving, and I asked if anyone had turned it in. The person I spoke to denied it, but I happened to spot it upon re-entering the car.

Must've fallen out of my pocket while I had my knees up on the seat in front of me.


Jake had gotten back to me with some ideas for Jamie's upcoming chapter by the time we came home between the Tanger Outlets and my gym routine.

Gonna copy here for reference, so that I don't have to keep pulling up Skype:

Cut for spoilers and sexual content )

While I'm at it, I suppose I should also copy something from the day before, regarding the mains' connections to Ho-oh and Lugia. Since he posted it to Skype already, it's possible that he might deem it redundant to post to the outline now, although I do hope that isn't the case.

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And finally, while Anna is going to don the same outfit as the "Idol" Trainer Class from DPP, here are two that he had chosen when I asked him to come up with some outfits in general. I will admit that that I sorta expected he'd come up with something by scratch, but I can't really hold this against him. In any case, though, Rokuna's main outfit from Starbound, something Yincira came up with before (would've asked her if she were open) also seems like worthy idol material, so I'll try to decide on one more from here.




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