Aug. 8th, 2017

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Two days ago, Mom and I went to the Sunshine Square, where she bought some soap at the dollar store while sending me inside Stop & Shop to buy some chocolate-covered salted caramels with a coupon I picked up the other day. The lady at customer service directed me to a total of four different locations when I asked her twice throughout, but I couldn't find anything. While I was at it, though, I happened to spot some bags of differently flavored chocolate chips, and picked up a vanilla one.

When I came out to meet Mom, who was waiting for me in the car (while I also sat down to eat some Mounds after checkout), she got mad at me for spending nearly $7 of a twenty she gave me, and told me I could be responsible for baking some cookies for myself once I run out of what I've got in my bedroom cabinet.

Yesterday just so happened to be National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. I placed said thing of cookies on the table, and also took to baking a batch of vanilla-chip ones, only to find out that we were out of butter and vanilla extract. Walked all the way to Stop & Shop to get them (with the whole remainder of what Mom gave me previously), and by the time I got back (at 10:00), Dad, Brian, and Marie were already waiting for me so we could all go see Dunkirk.

On our way there, Marie suggested that we pay Mom a visit at the hospital, I agreed rather enthusiastically, but Dad talked us out, saying that employees are not supposed to have people randomly coming to visit them, also suspecting that I was more interested in grabbing something at the cafeteria (which I implicitly confirmed). (The three of us would have gone if Dad weren't there as well, but Marie happened to agree with his point.)

The time being that at which I normally eat lunch, once we found ourselves a spot, I went out not just to use the restroom, but also to buy myself a box of CookieDough Bites, a few each of which I shared with everyone. Indeed, it was already 1 when we left the theater, and Dad and I both agreed to have Brian in charge of reheating us all some leftover ribs while Dad light a fire (it was pretty rainy and cold yesterday) and I bake those damn cookies already. Mom came home while my cookies were still baking in the oven, and even suggested that I put them back in after noticing them not quite done, taking them out again while I tended to over fifty WaniKani reviews that had accumulated in all those hours.

At Brian's proposal from when we were coming home, I later went with him to Starbucks, although all either of us had left to talk about has been my situation with Jake this past week. Most of what he had to say was about how I could've handled things better, although he did later admit when I asked that he would have had similar advice for Jake if, hypothetically, he were to share his side of things with him.

As for orders, I had myself a tall Midnight Mint Mocha frappuccino, but barely managed to taste anything. Glad I didn't order a Smores one. Mentioned to Brian how much more flavor the same thing had at Tanger Outlets, and he explained to me how food in general tends to taste better when you're hungry than when you're full. I admitted how full I actually was from eating lunch so much later than usual, and even had just a salad for dinner later on.

And, Brian and Marie both went back last night. (Marie originally planned on staying around for a few days, but got kinda stressed out over her lack of employment from those few months ago.)


Zecobo managed to place a finger on word count last night, and asked that I pay him a lot more than just $12 for anywhere around 10,000. I told him I would get back to him once I make a bank deposit and register for a new system that the bank has recently implemented.

Heather had also made a similar request the other day after I cleared things up with her, and I asked her for a few days to see how well things pan out with the others. So far, things in general are already looking good with Zecobo and Kristen, especially with what he happened to name, and she is now back in reserve for the time being.

Given all that, I think the time might just be right to get back into Starbound already. I haven't been thinking so much about Madoka lately, and there are certain things I'd like to do at least with my Dropbox files. (Popotan is still gonna have to wait, though, since I've already spent some money that I would have otherwise spent in Boston previously. Brian even agreed that a brief visit next fall might be a better time than this past visit for him to read my 4th grade document that he still has yet to read, so that will be the main focus then.)


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