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Jake came clean after reading yesterday's entry, and said that he just can't work on Unwilling Service anymore. There are just too many creative differences between us.

I knew he hated some things about my plans for the story. Our dispute about Jamie's body overall comes to mind, he once asked me not to include the gen IV Battle Frontier (which I flatly declined), we did have a disagreement over how HMs would be obtained, he's already mentioned how hard it is to be enthused about what is mostly just a rehash of the games, and of course, there's the PokeWalker, which he hates but I found awesome back when I played SoulSilver. However, while he also hates the gen V games, the only line he drew regarding those, should I ever write a second ficseries, was against Snivy as any protagonist's starter of choice. I actually did offer to keep the PokeWalker out of his way in some way or another upon sharing my draft of Jamie's second chapter, which he declined, and I had no idea that he actually hated as much more as 75% of everything involved so far than those few things.

He did say that the overall concept did interest him, and I'm glad he was able to create his own story ideas based on them. I did ask him last night to cite other things he hated about it at some point if he's willing to, in order to see what I'm willing to do away with (for example, the Kimono Girls' HGSS role, if that's another thing). However, if he really did hate so much more stuff involved with the story than I was aware of, then maybe it really is better that he just leave the project.

For exactly the reason I had Jake rewrite everything I wrote, I've asked John if he might be interested in what I only specified as something Pokemon-related, even though he's already slowed to a crawl with Starcrossed Sisters. Will need a few days to actually compile what I need to show him first, including the story outline, the original and final drafts of each online chapter, the current drafts of the chapters I wrote this past year, and the links to certain Pokemon episodes and the unrelated Ultimate Girls on Animeram. (Still need to fix up Jamie and May's opening chapters on FanFiction first.)


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