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David has postponed his trip to Japan even further yesterday, for summer next year. At this point, I think I might loosen up and treat myself to one artwork commission per month. Also a good thing that Jake is officially off of Unwilling Service.


Mom and Dad officially are not going down to Virginia. Grandma broke her hip the other day, and is currently in rehab. Mom told me several days ago that she might see what the deal is before deciding whether to go or not tomorrow, but while she still has this whole week off from work, this only further rules out my formerly planned trip to Brian's place, since Marie won't be able to ride with them back here to bring me in turn to Boston.


Went to the library with Mom yesterday. She mainly needed to pick up a couple of train tickets for late this month, but I decided I could pass some time waiting for people to get back to me when she offered to bring me out.

Turned out that all trips for towards the end of this month have been cancelled. This trip to the library wasn't wasted, though. I did manage to land volumes 7-11 of Yotsuba&! (started reading volume 6 online later) and some anime that I spotted in the New Releases section.


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