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Right now, I primarily intend to show Brian my Upwork situation that I wrote about yesterday. So far, Kristen already has a draft written up, and Zecobo told me he's ready to read the final drafts of the chapters I presented everyone, but even with Jake's explanation of my expectations in place, I still don't see any sign that they will or have done any better than Amanda or Heather.

In case he reads on, though, and also to get this out of my system, I'm seeing fit to elaborate what actually bothers me about Jake's failed role in things. I will admit having been on an emotional high when I stated my refusal to help him with anything for now, but he is very much responsible for that and another one I'm having right now. (And no, I also don't want to hear that I only have myself to blame for this whole year gone by; I do admit partial responsibility for that, but that's exactly another point I seek to dispute with this entry.)

Cutting to the chase, the whole point of having revived Unwilling Service in the first place was to distract myself from my constant failure at the time to find anyone to meaningfully engage with about the Cibus project. Now, US is the main project for until either Yincira comes back to discuss the Cibus project or I feel ready enough to get back into Lucky Star for real. Even though I have successfully commissioned for some giantess ideas for Ultimate Girls, Kanon, and A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, all to discuss more in depth later, the giantess project is something relatively small for the sidelines, and this isn't even just about keeping my plate full; it's about getting the ball rolling so that I can eventually reach the Sinnoh Battle Frontier arc and determine how that whole thing plays out.

So anyway, I revived the project with high hopes that Jake would actually get down to business and no reason to assume that he had so many minor issues with it that weren't worth complaining about individually but numerous enough that whenever he actually did catch a break, he'd work on something personal instead just to distract himself from it all. My muse for it petered out after a chapter for each main, due to his failure to uphold his end of the bargain, and that's why I only managed one more chapter all year long after that. If he decided after maybe a few months, tops, that it wasn't worth continuing with at that point, I wouldn't have been left with such hard feelings as from the length of time it did take him to come clean.

I've already mentioned Dad having asked why I'd wait on him for so long, just shortly before he actually gave up. First of all, I am not inconsiderate enough to fire someone over things that they have no control over. I know things happen to impede people of what they need to do, and when he knows he doesn't want to do something, he's usually forthright about it. Second, for writing consistency. Third, because he has still owed me $34 worth of work in exchange for stuff I had sent him years ago, and he made that $50 in exchange for something other than a Starbound rewrite, given his disdain for Lucky Star. Fourth, because everything he cited going on happened to mirror my own life, full of stuff to distract me from the project, and it became hard to just dismiss it all as excuses. And finally, I needed to save up for both my then-planned follow-up trip to Boston and a still-planned trip to Japan that has since been bumped half a year forward. I could not afford to throw money around on Upwork at the time, at least until Yincira talked me out of the first of those two trips altogether, after I told her that a return to business on her part would negate any reason for me to go up there just to have Brian read Puella Magi Suzune Magica and discuss a Cibus adaptation thereof, which was at the time going to be a holdover for until Jake would finally have something ready for me whenever he would already (or so I thought).

As for why getting much more elaborate writing in has been such a big deal for me, well, here's Jake's summary of what I'm now looking for from others:


I wrote in an 'expansive' fashion. I took the stuff you did, and started by filling out paragraphs because yours seemed thin. Not every single one, but where it fit.

By doing that, I also focused on adding 'character' to the characters. Expose their personalities. Add tics and traits. So on and so forth.

Also I sexed it up 1000%.

In other words, to cover aspects that I have barely any hope of developing to any meaningful extent. (This is to say nothing of how he managed to flesh out May's second chapter somewhat by having someone come along with her just temporarily, which would greatly influence what I did with the next one, as opposed to if only Azelf had been with her.)

(In case the need arises, even though I did talk Brian out of reading the story in general, I could show him May's first chapter under both my writing and his. That one doesn't contain anything squicky that I specified to him in an email; only similar stuff to what I cited from Popotan before. Of course, he did kinda abandon Pokemon long before the release of Ruby and Sapphire, only marginally involved with it for less than a year after beating Stadium in 2000, but I'd be more than happy to tab things up for him for clarification.)


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