May. 20th, 2017

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Found out only yesterday, but due to a total of 562 fangames receiving cease-&-desist orders by Nintendo two months ago, the team behind Mother 4 has dropped their game's title and will not include anything directly lifted from the Earthbound trilogy in the game itself.

If you ask me, maybe that's for the better. For one thing, they've already stated on their site's blog that it is not going to tie in storywise with the canon trilogy. For another thing, for something (formerly) bearing the specific title of Mother 4, I would've preferred to see original graphics and audio, instead of anything recycled from the official games (especially since Earthbound Zero's, being an 8-bit NES game, would not mesh with the other two games' like they do with eachother's).

The reasons for this (copyright law) are exactly the same reasons I would like to pay a visit to Kagami Yoshimizu, not so much to gain just his permission to create a certain Lucky Star game, but also to gain leads to those who own the rights to the franchise in order to gain theirs as well.


Spoke to Brian about certain things regarding Starbound. In a nutshell, he's told me to get started with the next chapter already, and as of this morning, I'm already a full page in with that after three years of nothing.

As for these planned playthroughs of mine, he also told me that while anything that might become relevant is one thing, he would rather not sit through a multi-hour playthrough. I told him that I only offered because he happens to like Earthbound, but he said that watching a playthrough isn't the same thing as playing it personally.

Right now, he's set on obtaining a Nintendo Switch with which to play Breath of the Wild, but he did agree to receiving my current Game Boy Advance and some translated cartridge copies I might buy of Mother 1+2 and 3 at some point. When I get around to buying the games for him, I'll be sure as well to write up a walkthrough of Mother 1 to enclose with the respective player's guide.

He also said some stuff about writing a rough draft of a player's guide, and I'm gonna need to ask him about that when he's awake. I would assume he actually means content, of which I've got plenty of in Dropbox to have translated, but even with what I already have online of the fic, he also said that we can have stuff translated anytime. The way I see it, though, we already have some stuff to share with Yoshimizu, and now is the time to commission for further translations (at least after I come home after my next visit to his apartment), because I don't know if I'll ever get a second chance to see Yoshimizu after the one time planned.


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