May. 22nd, 2017

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Set up Pete & Pete to play in the background yesterday morning, as per Marie's suggestion the previous night, but she and I ended up watching the first episode on the disk we had after setting it to Play All. All of us were awake except Brian, who was sleeping on a mattress we laid on the floor not too far away, but I had noticed him doing something on his phone before setting things up. Dad noticed, and was like "What is this, 1995 all over again?", but Grandma actually joined us partway through the episode, so Marie and I eventually agreed to bring it over to her house when we go to see her in July.

Left the show to run after the one episode, until the others decided to watch some other stuff.


Brian and I later went to this food truck festival in Flanders while both Maries and Grandma went shopping somewhere. Brian had to find an ATM to withdraw some cash first, in exchange for what I bought him on Amazon, and someone pointed us to a 7-Eleven down the street.

Upon coming back, I ordered a pepperoni calzone, and also tried out a sugared zeppole. Was gonna order just a half dozen of the latter for $4 on top of the former, but Brian suggested I order a whole dozen for $8 to take home with us. Ate my calzone after it was finished, along with another zeppole or two, before ordering some baked goods to take home and a butterscotch sundae to cool my mouth down. (Would've preferred a chocolate sundae instead after trying that out, but we get chocolate syrup all the time for ice cream.)


Brian and Marie both left later in the afternoon. Grandma and Aunt Marie are still here, though.


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