Sep. 7th, 2017

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For lack of anything else to do for most of the day, I decided at some point to customize my phone, something that never crossed my mind otherwise. Set up this pic of Miyuki with her hair in a beehive as my wallpaper, and made that trumpet song from Lucky Star episodes 6 and 15 my ringtone after cutting off the first 14 seconds.

As planned, I eventually visited Brian at his workplace for lunch. He forgot I was coming, which was why I never heard from him on my phone and had to call him instead just quarter to noon, and we ended up eating at the taco cafeteria instead of that more varied place where I previously got only a small bowl of fruit. (I'm gonna remind him when he wakes up to call me and be ready for that latter place.)

I had brought my laptop with me so as to let him read that 4th grade thing, and he managed to read the whole 11-page remainder after stopping the first two times after pages 4 and 7. We had some discussion from there before he sent me back to his apartment, and I offered to let him view some commercials I linked to later on at Marie's place, when she and her friends are also there to partake in it.


Brian brought me last night to this pub called Jeanie Johnston, where Marie and some of her friends from throughout their time there came to partake in trivia night. I managed to get a few answers in, but upon finishing what I ordered, I decided to leave.

Made a right turn out the door when I should've made a left. Brian and I had come by bus, and I expected to come across a subway station at some point before an ongoing drizzle got heavy. Eventually stumbled upon Brian and Marie's old apartments from between 2014-15, before coming all the way back.

Marie pointed me in the right direction, and I began to recognize my surroundings before finding my way back to Brian's place.


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